Current Members


Mark Wiesner

James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Membrane processes, nanostructured materials, transport and fate of nanomaterials in the environment, colloidal and interfacial processes, and environmental systems analysis

Postdoctoral Fellows

Nick Geitner

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT)
Research Interests: I am interested in the fundamentals of nanomaterial behavior in the environment, ranging from interactions with biomolecules or pullutants to attachment to microorganisms and environmental surfaces, and their effects on nanoparticle transport.

Ryan Smith

Postdoctoral Associate
Research Interests: Investigating the recovery of rare earth elements from coal combustion products using liquid membrane processes

PhD Students

Nadrat Chowdhury

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Nano-bio interactions; antibiotic resistance; extracellular DNA

Marielle DuToit

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Developing novel conductive-membrane filtration technologies that utilize electrochemical sensing techniques to probe the membrane interior and surrounding system during fouling events. 

Ethan C. Hicks

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Particle aggregation, molecular dynamics simulations, and bacteriophage biology

Nicholas Rogers

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Extracellular vesicles, nanoparticle fate/transport, agriculture, particle simulations

Joana M Sipe

Doctoral Student
Research Interests: Microplastics, degradation of plastic pollution, nano-additives in plastic

Lila Thornton

Doctoral Candidate

Amalia Turner

Doctoral Candidate
Research Interests: Fate, transport, and transformation of nanoscale particles in the environment Bioavailability of nanoparticles to plants Exposure and risk assessment (chemical and nanomaterial)

Hanna Varga

Doctoral Student