Dr. Benjamin Espinasse


Benjamin Espinasse, PhD

Research Scientist

Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT)

Duke University


Department of civil and environmental engineering

Box 90287

Durham, North Carolina 27708, USA

Tel : +1 (919) 660 5462

Fax : +1 (919) 660 5219


 Researcher ID:  C-4847-2008

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Mesocosm Facility in Duke forest: Development and Management 
Fate, Transport  and Environmental impacts of nanoparticles on ecosystems
Water treatment,

Membrane Filtration UF, NF, Side stream membrane bioreactor

Physico chemistry / process engineering


2000-2003 - Ph.D. Process engineering, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France.

1999-2000 - M.S. Process engineering specialised in specific reactors and new separation processes, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

1998-1999 - M.S. Chemical Engineering / Physical Chemistry, McGill University, Montréal, Canada.

Professional Experience

Duke University, Research Scientist, Durham, North carolina, USA, 2006-present
Ecole des mines de Nantes Lecturer: Water and strategy 2006- present.
Houston, Texas, USA,  2005 –  2006
National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), Toulouse, France, 2005;Postdoctoral fellow under Pr. Corinne Cabassud:
Paul Sabatier University, France Toulouse,
Research Scientist / Lecturer 2003 – 2004
Research Assistant / Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Unit, under Pr. Pierre Aimar, 2000 – 2003
Lecturing Chemical Engineering (Masters students and undergraduates)

Research Assistant, under Pr. Helene Roux De Balmann, 2000

Mc Gill University, Montreal Canada
Internship, under Pr. M.A. Whitehead, 1998 – 1999

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

h-index : 12 (Google scholar)
h-index: 10 (ResearcherID/Thomson Reuters)

15    B. Colman; B. Espinasse.; C. Richardson; C. Matson; G. Lowry; D. Hunt ; M. R. Wiesner; E. Bernhardt,  Emerging contaminant or an old toxin in disguise? Silver nanoparticle impacts on ecosystems, Environmental Science & Technology, (Accepted, March 2014)

14    B. P. Espinasse, S. R. Chae, C. Marconnet, C. Coulombel, C. Mizutani, M. Djafer, V. Heim & M. R. Wiesner. Comparison of chemical cleaning reagents and characterization of foulants of nanofiltration membranes used in surface water treatment. Desalination (2012).

13    G. V. Lowry, B. P. Espinasse, A. R. Badireddy, C. J. Richardson, B. C. Reinsch, L. D. Bryant, A. J. Bone, A. Deonarine, S. Chae & M. Therezien. Long-Term Transformation and Fate of Manufactured Ag Nanoparticles in a Simulated Large Scale Freshwater Emergent Wetland. Environmental Science & Technology (2012).

12    L. Yin, Y. Cheng, B. Espinasse, B. P. Colman, M. Auffan, M. Wiesner, J. Rose, J. Liu & E. S. Bernhardt. More than the ions: the effects of silver nanoparticles on Lolium multiflorum. Environmental science & technology (2011).

11    S. L. Chudasama, B. Espinasse, F. Hwang, R. Qi, M. Joglekar, G. Afonina, M. R. Wiesner, I. J. Welsby, T. L. Ortel & G. M. Arepally. Heparin modifies the immunogenicity of positively charged proteins. Blood 116, 6046-6053 (2010).

10    M. Kovochich, B. Espinasse, M. Auffan, E. M. Hotze, L. Wessel, T. Xia, A. E. Nel & M. R. Wiesner. Comparative toxicity of C60 aggregates toward mammalian cells: role of tetrahydrofuran (THF) decomposition. Environmental science & technology 43, 6378-6384 (2009).

9    B. Espinasse, P. Bacchin & P. Aimar. Filtration method characterizing the reversibility of colloidal fouling layers at a membrane surface: analysis through critical flux and osmotic pressure. Journal of colloid and interface science 320, 483-490 (2008).

8    M. Joglekar, P. M. Q. Diez, S. Marcus, R. Qi, B. Espinasse, M. Wiesner, E. Pempe, J. Liu, D. Monroe & G. Arepally. Disruption of PF4/H multimolecular complex formation with a minimally anticoagulant heparin (ODSH). Thrombosis and Haemostasis 99, 874-882 (2008).

7    M. Wiesner, E. Hotze, J. Brant & B. Espinasse. Nanomaterials as possible contaminants: the fullerene example. Water science and technology 57, 305-310 (2008).

6    B. Espinasse, E. M. Hotze & M. R. Wiesner. Transport and retention of colloidal aggregates of C60 in porous media: Effects of organic macromolecules, ionic composition, and preparation method. Environmental science & technology 41, 7396-7402 (2007).

5    S. Suvarna, B. Espinasse, R. Qi, R. Lubica, M. Poncz, D. B. Cines, M. R. Wiesner & G. M. Arepally. Determinants of PF4/heparin immunogenicity. Blood 110, 4253-4260 (2007).

4    P. Bacchin, B. Espinasse, Y. Bessiere, D. F. Fletcher & P. Aimar. Numerical simulation of colloidal dispersion filtration: description of critical flux and comparison with experimental results. Desalination 192, 74-81 (2006).

3    M. E. Bouchot, B. Espinasse & C. Cabassud. Fouling effects and critical flux in relation with module design and aeration conditions for a side stream outside/in filtration system. Desalination 199, 487-489 (2006).

2    P. Bacchin, B. Espinasse & P. Aimar. Distributions of critical flux: modelling, experimental analysis and consequences for cross-flow membrane filtration. Journal of membrane science 250, 223-234 (2005).

1    B. Espinasse, P. Bacchin & P. Aimar. On an experimental method to measure critical flux in ultrafiltration. Desalination 146, 91-96 (2002).

Conference Proceeding Papers
Espinasse, B.; Brant, J.; Robichaud, C. ; Wiesner, M.R. ; Mobility of colloidal C60 aggregates in porous media: specific effect of ions, ionic strength and organic matter Particle Separation, 2007, Toulouse, France

Hotze, E.; Espinasse, B.; Brant, J. ; Robichaud, C. ; Wiesner, M.R. Factors influencing fullerenol characteristics and stability in water ; Particle Separation , 2007, Toulouse, France

Espinasse, B., Bacchin, P, Aimar, P., 2003. Détermination du flux critique: un outil pour la maîtrise du colmatage? Colloque intégration des membranes dans les procédés (MEMPRO), Proceedings Récent. prog. en génie procédés, 2, 483-491.

Espinasse, B., Bacchin, P., Aimar, P., 2002. Critical flux and membrane fouling during cross flow filtration of latex suspension; Proceedings ICOM (international Conference on Membrane & Membrane Technologies).

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